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SaintCards: QuizCards [Set 1]

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UPC: 684417826516
Brand: SaintCards
Price Valid Until: 12/31/24
SKU: 20050104

Collect 53 All-New QuizCards and use as a new Flash Card Game and Devotion Tool!

You can also add a strategic element to each SaintCards game you play. QuizCards are designed to use for school or play to emphasize the many memorization attributes of SaintCards. Use to quiz on the many facts found in SaintCards and also be inspired by a compelling quote for increased devotion.

Great for Daily Inspiration, Morning Baskets, Ice-Breakers, Break Time, Indoor Recess, and anyone who has a contemplative and/or competitive bone in them!


  • 53 All-new QuizCards (Emphasizing Saints found in the Base Game) with Quiz Facts on one side and beautiful art and saint quotes on the other!
  • 20 Treasures to add to your Treasure collection!
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Satin Storage Bag

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