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All of the 2019 Collection!

All of the 2019 Collection!

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If you purchased all of the 2018 offerings, this 2019 bundle is for you! Add each new SaintCard expansion to your collection with this expansion pack bundle guaranteed to add a ton of strategy and fun to each saintcard game.  Discover Historical events in the lives of the saints and explore the many ways to play this growing game of SaintCards. This Pack also includes the 1960 Calendar expansion and 2 Deluxe Game Mats to use with the Deluxe Base Set in this growing game of SaintCards.  Leave no saintcard behind! 

153 Cards, 196 Treasures, and 2 Deluxe Game Mats!



2019 Core Set Expansion

Roman Canon Expansion

Stigmatists' Expansion

Heaven Hold'Em Expansion

Historia Cards Expansion

1960 Calendar Expansion

Blue Deluxe Game Mat (14"x24")

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